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Sheds, Gazebos & Pergolas, Children Play Centres, Siding and Furniture

Patios, walkways & garage floors

Stone & Concrete Lane and Path Ways, Patios & Garage Floors

Welcome to Protect Deck, Fence & Stone.

At Protect Deck, Fence & Stone; our commitment is to you, our client.  We specialize in cleaning and restoring outdoor wood decks and fences, sheds, gazebos & pergolas, siding and cedar shakes, cottages & docks, furniture, hot tubs, children play centres and cleaning and sealing stone & concrete patios, lane and path ways and garage floors.

As part of our ongoing commitment, we ensure each client fully understands our processes before we begin work.  We take the time to listen to each client and answer questions specific to your property.  Our commitment is to provide each client with a quality service, at a reasonable price, founded on integrity and trust.

AtProtect Deck, Fence & Stone; we recognize regardless of features and size, no two projects are the same therefore attention to detail is as specific to the project as it is specific to the client.  We factor in hard and soft landscaping, surrounding plants and vegetation, how do our clients use the space?  We consider foot traffic, accessibility, safety for our clients and guests’, and pets too!  The colours of the clients yard, sheds, patios, pool houses, etc…. are all variables considered.   Outdoor furniture and fabrics, exposure to the natural elements from the suns harsh and damaging ultraviolet rays  to Autumns falling leaves are all variables considered when working with our clients.

We’re most pleased to advise our clients, at Protect Deck, Fence & Stone, we don’t claim to have a ‘secret formula’, in fact we are only to pleased to inform all our clients, after careful consideration and research of the many products available to consumers, our product of choice is that of the Benjamin Moore line of cleansers, conditioners, stains/paints and sealing compounds found at your local Benjamin Moore retailer.  Not only do we prefer the Benjamin Moore line of products, but we also ensure we support our clients local economy only purchasing products specific to their property through our clients local Benjamin Moore store.  We do not purchase our materials in bulk!

By choosing the Benjamin Moore line of products, we’re not only ensuring our clients receive an environmentally friendly product, but we can also ensure each individual client receives the full line of quality products at competitive prices providing you with the peace of mind knowing your investment has been ‘appropriately cleaned and prepared to accept stains, paints and sealants, regardless of colours and opacities and preserved for lasting durability, enjoyment and comfort.’

If considering restoring your outdoor wood, whether your project needs a simple facelift or a full restoration, contact us  today at (519) 870-7337 or email us to arrange your free; no obligation, on-site inspection of your outdoor wood and / or stone project.  We’ll take the time to inspect your project, review our processes and options specific to your needs and answer your questions.  We look forward serving you!


Typical responses to the question; ‘What is the current condition of your wood?”


It has already been stained or painted.


The stain or paint is peeling away from the wood.


The wood is: warped, cracked or split.


The wood is bare, it looks silver and grey, black and even green in places.

Have you answered Yes to one or more of the most heard responses above?  Now what?

Call Protect Deck, Fence & Stone at (519) 870-7337 or email me: to arrange a date and time, for your free on-site inspection and written estimate.