Restoring, Preserving & Maintaining your outdoor wood and stone

Our Four-Step Process

“It’s Friday and I’m excited to go home and stain my deck” – says NO ONE.

Fact is, to successfully restore your deck, fence or shed, it simply cannot be completed in one weekend.  More often than not, a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ attempt to restore an outdoor wood project fails to meet the final expectation due to several factors; time, not having access to the proper tools and equipment, poor choice of products but more often than not, the single most contributing factor is the failure to properly prepare your project.


On-site Inspection

Protect Deck, Fence & Stone will inspect the current condition of your outdoor wood project.  For decks (and when accessible), we’ll inspect the structural condition of your deck post, beams and joists ensuring safety and stability.  We’ll inspect the condition of your deck boards, stairs and railings and answer your questions or concerns.

Having identified the type of project, the current condition and reviewed our processes, you (the client) can begin process selecting colours and opacities for their outdoor living space from the many stain and paint options available.

When choosing colours, we encourage our clients to consider current colour schemes when going through the many options available from which to choose.  Not only should the client consider wood grain but surrounding plants, trees and vegetation, fences, furniture and fabrics, patios and walkways and other outdoor structures should all be considered when selecting colours and opacity to best compliment your outdoor living area.

Surface preparation



The single most important element for all successful applications is Surface Preparation.

Most ‘do-it-yourself’ projects fail the clients’ expectations due to inadequately preparing the project for the next application and this is primarily due to lack of knowledge and a full understanding completing the requirements successfully, having accessibility to the correct tools, selecting low-end quality products expecting high-end quality results and, time.  As with any project, regardless of size, shape or functionality, enjoying the comfort, safety for you and your guests’ and acquiring the full functionality of your outdoor living space, rests solely on surface preparation.

Staining or painting your wood deck, fence, shed, gazebo, furniture or play centre requires your project to be cleaned and correctly prepared to the current conditions of your wood.

“If you can’t afford the time to do it right the first time, can you afford the time to try again?”

Surface application

No less than 48 hours following the surface preparation process, our staff will conduct a moisture evaluation to ensure proper surface adhesion of the stain or paint previously selected by our clients and while most applications will be applied by roller and back-brushing to ensure adhesion and coverage, some applications may be applied using a professional grade pneumatic (air) sprayer.

As a final process with some applications; Protect Deck, Fence & Stone recommends sealing the surface, an application that can be applied same day!  Sealant not only provides added protection from regular usage, but also adds a layer of protection from the constant exposure to the our changing environment and seasons.  Protection not only from rain in the warmer months and snow and ice in the winter season but from the most damaging of all conditions, the suns harsh UV rays!

(While Protect, Deck, Fence & Stone highly encourages using the Benjamin Moore line of stains, paints and sealants based on research, quality and availability, we remain 100% committed to our clients and will work with the clients preferred choice of product).




Protect Deck, Fence & Stone offers our clients an annual maintenance program.

PDFS will arrange an on-site visit to examine the finish of your project while attending to those areas that show signs of weathering, mould or mildew.  Your project will be cleaned and further protected with a clear, water-based proofer when applied, will provide the client added protection to sustain the integrity, durability and colour or your wood.

New Clients.

In addition to offering our annual maintenance program to existing clients; Protect Deck, Fence & Stone will be happy to provide clients with our competitors, the same annual maintenance program options and peace of mind.

Contact us for your free on-site inspection and written estimate.